How can I access my Virgin Media referral account?

You can access your referral account either through the Virgin Media's referral page or through Aklamio's website. 

Option 1:

1. Visit the referral page:


2. Click on ‘Or sign in to your Virgin Media referral account’.


3. Provide your email address and your password. Then click on 'Sign in' button. 


Option 2:

1. Visit Aklamio's sign in page:


2. Provide your email address and your password. Then click on 'Sign in' button. 



Please note: if you have not confirmed your referral account yet, you will not be able to log in. You will have to confirm your referral account first by selecting your username and password. 

If you have registered at Aklamio, you have also received an email with the confirmation link. Please use this link to confirm your user account. You will be asked to select your username and password. If you have selected your username and password, your user account at Aklamio is confirmed and you can access it.

Please check if the confirmation email has not landed in your spam folder. 

If you cannot find the confirmation mail anymore, you can enter your email address here and you will receive another email with a confirmation link.


If you have already confirmed your referral account, but you cannot remember your password, please use 'Forgot your referral password?/'Forgot your password?' button. We will send you the link enabling you to reset your password.