My reward has been registered with a wrong amount. What should I do?

Your reward has been registered as pending, but with a wrong amount? 

The pending reward may have been tracked with a wrong amount, but if it is pending, it means that it is still being verified by our partner. Unfortunately, we are not able to change the amount of pending reward, as it can still change automatically during the verification process. So there is still a chance that your confirmed reward will have the correct amount, if the one currently displayed is wrong. 

We cannot adjust the amount of pending rewards. We can adjust the amount for you, once the reward has been verified and confirmed by our partner. 

If the reward is still not correct after it has been approved by our partner, please contact us at, so we will assist you. Please remember that the amount of the reward is based on the specific product ordered and the order date. Please make sure that your reward is wrong before contacting our Customer Support Team.