How can I pay out my Virgin Media reward?

Have you been notified that your reward for recommending Virgin Media is ready for payout? If so, please sign into your Aklamio user account and claim your reward. You can find instructions on how to log in here.


Please follow these steps to request your payout:

1. Log into your referral account (either through the partner's referral page or Aklamio's website). 

  • Partner's referral page: 




  • Aklamio's website: 




2. Click on the user's icon and select ‘Balance’.

  • Partner's referral page: 


  • Aklamio's website: 


3. You will be able to see the balance which is ready for payout. You can transfer your money either to your bank or PayPal account.


4. Please note: if you choose PayPal transfer, you need to connect your PayPal account with your Aklamio user account first. To do so, please click on ‘Connect with Paypal’ button. Then provide your PayPal details and confirm transaction with your Aklamio password. 


If you choose bank transfer, please add your bank details to the form and confirm your payout with your Aklamio password. Please provide the full legal name of the beneficiary (including first, middle and last name). 


The money will be transferred to the select account within few working days. 

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