How to get a referral reward?

There are two different types of rewards that you can get from our partner shops by using our platform: referral and cashback.

The referral reward is connected to the recommendation you make to your friend or family members. 
The cashback reward refers to your own purchases. Please keep in mind that not all partner shops offer this option. 

How do I get a referral reward?

If you would like to get a referral reward, you have to recommend one of our partner shops to your friend (or family member). The first step of the successful recommendation is creation of the referral link through the specific referral page. You will be asked to provide your own e-mail address at the beginning. Then you will have to share your unique referral link with your friend (the follower of recommendation). The next step is the purchase completed by a friend through your referral link. You have to send your referral link to your friend and your friend has to use it to complete the order.

Please follow these instructions:

1. First, you have to create the unique referral link and send it to your friend. In order to do this, please go to the referral page (either at Aklamio's or partner's official website) and use "Recommend/refer now" etc. button.



2. You will be asked if you prefer to keep the full amount of reward for yourself, share it with the follower of give the full amount to the follower. Then use "Continue" button. 


Please note that some partners do not offer all three options.


3. Then you will be asked to provide your own email address, so that the referral link is connected to the right referrer. If you have provided your email address, click the "Continue" button.


4. Your unique referral link has been created. Simply copy it and send to your friend. You can also select one of the suggested sharing options. 


5. Now, your friend will use your referral link to complete the order. Please remember that it is not enough to simply open the referral link to get a reward through us. Your friend has to complete the purchase directly through your referral link. If the referral link has been followed correctly, the reward will be registered on the referral account automatically. Please note: it can take up to 48 hours for the reward to be registered on the referral account as pending


Please pay attention to the following rules while ordering through Aklamio:

  • Order using the referral link provided.
  • Your browser must allow cookies. Adblocker has to be disabled.

  • Don't use any other website while ordering the product. It is better if you do not have more open tabs. Visiting pages such as uSwitch, Future Publishing, Topcashback and Voucher codes before ordering the product may lead to the last cookie being linked to one of these websites.
  • Vouchers, cancellations or complaints can lead to loss of the reward.
  • Percentage rewards and minimum order values relate to the net purchase amount (excluding tax and shipping costs).