Description of the referral account

This article explains what you can see on your Aklamio user account. 



1. HC_english_user_account_1.png

Here you can see your profile photo.



2. HC_english_user_account_1.png

An overview of your rewards: how many you've already collected and how many are pending.


3. HC_english_user_account_2.png

A note that there is a credit available for payment on your referral account. Click on "Pay out" to request the payout of your reward. 


4. HC_english_user_account_3.png

The amount available for payout.


5. HC_english_user_account_4.png

An option enabling you to display different settings of your referral account. 


6. HC_english_user_account_5.png

The amount of your all confirmed rewards.


7. HC_english_user_account_6.png

The amount of your pending rewards. 


8. HC_english_user_account_7.png

An overview of all your pending, confirmed and rejected rewards.


9. HC_english_user_account_8.png

A registered reward. This reward is shown in orange, because it's still pending. 


10. HC_english_user_account_9.png

A confirmed reward. This reward is shown in green and it's ready for payout.


11. HC_english_user_account_11.png

The amount of registered, but still pending reward (it is possible that the amount changes during the verification process).


12. HC_english_user_account_12.png

The amount of confirmed reward. This amount is ready for payout.


13. HC_english_user_account_13.png

The date when your reward got registered.


14. HC_english_user_account_14.png

Average time to confirm your reward. This is an average value that is counted down. This can also change over time. If the duration is set "will be determined", the average verification time has already passed. If the reward is still orange, we have not yet received any feedback from our partner regarding your reward and as a result, we were not yet able to confirm or reject it.


15. HC_english_user_account_15-1.png      


This is the type of the reward you selected. If your bonus was created because of the referral link, you will see whether the reward is kept, shared or given to a friend. 


16. HC_english_user_account_16.png

Date of confirmation of your reward. 


17. HC_english_user_account_17.png

Search bar. This function enables you to recommend shops or conclude contracts/orders yourself. 



This list is an overview of your referral and cashback links. Here you can see the created links, if your rewards have been registered and how often your referral links were clicked. 

Please note that the list is sorted alphabetically, not by the date of creation of the links. 




1. HC_english_user_account_18.png

This button enables you to create a Support Request for the missing or rejected reward. 


2. HC_english_user_account_19.png

This is how we show your referral and cashback links.


3. HC_english_user_account_20.png

Here you can see if any rewards have been already registered in connection with your recommendation. If it shows "0", no rewards have been registered yet. You can create a Support Request in such case. 


4. HC_english_user_account_21.png

Here you can see how many referral or cashback links you have already created. Please don't confuse this information with the rewards registered. If it shows "1", but the information of the recorded rewards is "0", your reward was not registered. 


5. HC_english_user_account_22.png

If it shows "0", the link is a cashback link.


6. HC_EN_Beschreibung_35.png

You want to have more details about your link? Click on the arrow. 


7. HC_EN_Beschreibung_31.png

Now you can see more details about the created links. Was it a referral link or a cashback link? Has the referral link been created with 'keep', 'share' or 'give' option? 


8. HC_EN_Beschreibung_32.png

Date of creation of the link. 


9. HC_EN_Beschreibung_33.png

This is how many times your referral link was clicked. Please note that this doesn't mean that a reward has been registered.


10. HC_EN_Beschreibung_34.png

Number of rewards gained. Please note that the number of clicks doesn't represent the number of rewards registered.