How to install Cashbar?

What is "Cashbar"?

Cashbar extension informs you automatically about cashback offered by our partners when you're visiting their websites. With this extension, you will never miss a cashback while shopping online again.

How to install Cashbar?

Please log into your Aklamio account and click on "Cashbar" at the top. 


Then click on "Add the Cashbar extension". 



After you installed Cashbar, you will never miss a cashback offered by one of our partners. If you are at the website of one of our partners you will see the options "Recommend" or "Cashback" in the header.


To activate the cashback please click on the cashback button. We are going to ask you to log in in your Aklamio account. Afterwards the casback is active.


You can also recommend our partner shops using this extension. 

Please note that cashback from the Cashbar gets also tracked by cookies and therefore tracking conditions have to be met, so you have to allow cookies.

Cashback is a subject to the terms and conditions of the specific partner shop.