What is cashback? Can I shop through Aklamio and receive the rewards myself?

It is not only possible to receive a reward for your recommendation to a friend, but also for your own order. There are two different types of rewards that you can get from our partner shops by using our platform: referral and cashback.

The referral reward is connected to the recommendation you make to your friend or family members. 
The cashback reward refers to your own purchases. Please keep in mind that not all partner shops offer this option. 

How to get a cashback reward?

The Cashback button takes you to the selected shop, where you can make your purchase as usual. The cashback amount is determined by each partner shop.

Tip: Install the Cashbar extension and stay up to date with current rewards. The Cashbar will automatically inform you of deals and rewards as soon as you visit one of our partner shops.

How to install Cashbar?