How to request a bank payout?

If you would like to request a bank payout, please follow these instructions:

1. You can request the bank payout by logging into your referral account either through the partner's referral page or through Aklamio's website.

  • Partner's referral page: log in through partner's referral page with your email address and password. 


  • Aklamio's website: log in here with your email address and password.


2. Then click on the user's icon and select "Balance"


3. Select "Bank account".


4. Provide the details of your bank account and click on "Request bank transfer/Check account details"



Please make sure that the provided details are correct. We don't save this data and we will not be able to tell you later which details you provided while requesting your payout. 

5. Please confirm your payout request with your Aklamio password.


You will receive an e-mail with the confirmation of your payout request. 

When transferring money abroad, the recipient may in some cases incur bank-dependent fees. Please check with your bank for the amount of any fees that may apply.

The processing of your request will take up to 14 days.