How do I create a support ticket?


Your reward was not tracked or incorrectly rejected? Then you can create a support ticket.

In order to create a support ticket, visit your reward overview page and click on “Create support ticket”. Here you will need to fill out shop specific data concerning your friends or your own order. The shop will then manually determine whether to confirm or reject the reward. Due to data protection and privacy concerns, we do not have access to any order or contract information of our partners. Therefore, we cannot verify the reward ourselves.

Please follow the following points:

*Do not create the same support ticket twice
*Please fill in all required fields. The order or identification number is especially important.

If you need help creating a support ticket, you can also contact We will request the required order details from you and will create the support ticket for you.

What happens next?

All support tickets are collected and then sent in lots to their respective shops, where they are then manually verified by the partner. Therefore, the reward confirmation time can vary. In individual cases, it can take up to 12 weeks. We are constantly working with our partners on improving the speed of reward confirmation. However, we cannot directly influence the reward confirmation time.

We will notify you, as soon as we receive a response from our partner. In the case of a confirmation, your reward will immediately be available on your account. If your reward is rejected, you will be notified by email. If the partner verifies that there was a sale, but cannot yet confirm the reward, a pending reward will be listed in your rewards overview page. From this point on the process with continue, as if it were automatically tracked.

Please note that not all partners accept support tickets. You can find out whether a partner does not accept support tickets on the shop’s overview page.


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