How to request a payout of my reward?

Your reward has been confirmed and you would like to request the payout? 

We offer two payout options. You can either pay out the rewards directly to your bank account within the SEPA-region (possible through Aklamio's website and referral pages with the payout option) or to your PayPal account (possible through referral pages with the payout option). Please choose the preferred method and follow the corresponding instructions:

How to request a bank payout?

How to request a PayPal payout?

Please note that a minimum balance of 1 EUR/CHF/GBP/USD is required in order to request a payout. Bank transfers to foreign countries may include processing fees, depending on the banking institute. Please inquire at your bank if such fees apply. Bank transfers are only possible within the SEPA-region (“single euro payments area”). PayPal payouts through Aklamio’s website are not possible. You can request the PayPal payout using partner’s referral page only, if available for that partner. If a specific partner doesn't offer a dedicated referral page with the payout option, you can request a bank transfer through Aklamio's website (no possibility to select PayPal transfer).

The processing of your request will take up to 14 days.