How can I invite friends?

In order to invite friends to Aklamio, so that they can also receive rewards and cashback, just log in to your account and click on “Invite Friends”. On the following page you will find an overview of all the friends that you have invited, as well as the red button “Invite friends”. After you click on the button, a window will open, similar to when you recommend an online shop. Click on “continue” and your recommendation link will be generated. You can send this link to your friends, so that they can easily signup for Aklamio.

When you invite a friend to Aklamio, you will take part in all of their rewards. We will reward you for recommending Aklamio with 10% of your friends rewards. Of course this will be calculated on top and will not decrease their rewards. If your friend becomes an Aklamian, after you have recommended a product to him, you will also be entitled to 10% of his rewards.


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