How long does it take for my reward to be confirmed and available for pay out?

The reward confirmation period varies based on the shop and on their terms and conditions. The is due to the varying cancellation and product return periods. Only when these periods have elapsed, can the recommendation be deemed successful and the reward confirmed. This can take up to 3 months. You can find more precise information regarding the specific confirmation period of a shop, on the overview page of the shop. Here you will find the estimated time to payout of a shop. 90% of the rewards will be confirmed in the stated period. In the rewards overview page, you can find the average remaining time to reward confirmation. This value is calculated based on the average confirmation period and the elapsed time since the recommendation. If the average confirmation time is exceeded, the estimated time to payout will display “less than a week”. As the estimated payout time is an average of all confirmation periods, it is a dynamic value. This means that the estimated payout time can change, and therefore that the time remaining in your rewards overview page can change accordingly. Please understand, that we cannot provide a binding reward confirmation date. We are responsible for tracking your recommendation, however are dependent on our partners to confirm that the transaction was successful (not cancelled or returned). Due to data protection and privacy concerns, we do not have access to contract or order information of our partners. Therefore, we are not able to verify the status of individual rewards, in cases of small reward confirmation delays. Please note: Contracts e.g. from cell phone carriers, energy providers etc. can only be confirmed after the date that the service begins. Therefore, if there is a large time period between the date the contract was signed and the date that the service begins, there will be a corresponding delay in reward confirmation.


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