Why and how do I register for Aklamio?

Do I have to register for Aklamio?

Yes. Without a registration, we do not know who we should credit the reward or Cashback to. Therefore, registration is required.

Opening an Aklamio account is completely free. If we should ask for your bank account information, it is only so that we can pay out your rewards and Cashback.

How can I register?

You can register simply with your email address or with your Facebook-, Google+ or PayPal account. You can do this either directly on our website or on the websites of our partners, that utilize our Refer-a-Friend solution.

Email Registration

If you choose to register by email, you will receive an email from us with a confirmation link. When you click on this link you can set your password, as well as change your username. Welcome to Aklamio!

Facebook Registration

If you would rather register through Facebook, your email address will automatically be set, to that of your Facebook. After the registration we will send you an email with a preliminary password. You will not need this password to log in, but you will eventually need it to pay out rewards. We recommend changing the password as soon as possible.


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